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Sharpening & Repairs - New Blades & Tooling

Abrasives & Coolants

Since 1986

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Sharpening & Supplying of Premium Quality Tools

The Best Products

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 in the World…

Bahco Tools Carbitool Router Bits Freud Saw Blades Wikus Bandsaw Blades Linbide Router Bits Hakasson Bandsaw Blades Starrett Saw Blades Stark Cold Saw Blades

Wood Cutting

CNC Router Bits & Tooling

Tungsten Tipped Saw Blades

Bandsaw Blades

Firewood  & Lucas Mill Blades

Planer & Jointer Blades

Forsner Bits

Spade Bits



Metal Cutting

Cold Saw & Segmental Saws

Slitting & Jewellers Saws

Bandsaw Blades - Carbon & Bi-Metal

Rota Broaches / Annular Cutters

Drill Bits

Countersink / Counterbore Bits

Endmill & Slot Drills

Gun Drills

Specialist Industries

Picture Framing Guillotine Blades

Picture Framing Tungsten Tipped Saws

Vine Pruning Saws

Chipper Knives

Stump Cutters

Hairdressing & Barber Scissors

Professional Clipper Blades

Chef’s/Cook’s Knives & Tools

Chainsaws & Hedge Trimmers

In The Garden

Chainsaw Blades

Garden Shears



Grafting Knives

Electric/Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Pruning Saws


Mulcher Blades

Shovels & Spades

Around the Home

Cook’s Knives - All Types

Scissors - All Types

Processor Blades

Art & Craft Cutters

Handsaw & Tenon Saws

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